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I've started this blog as a record of what I'm doing in the garden and what I'm cooking, week by week. It will be a way for me to look back and see what's worked best in the veg patch and the ornamental garden, and to remind myself of the food I've cooked and who I've cooked it for. I'll be keeping a note of new dishes and ingredients I've tried and liked here - please feel free to email me at  if you decide to try any of them out too! And if you'd like to follow me and have any trouble doing so via the 'Subscribe' button at the top of the page or the Bloglovin' link at the bottom, just email me and I can send you a direct link to sign up for free and get an update in your inbox each time I put up a new post. Who am I? I'm Sarah Giles, a freelance journalist specialising in gardens, food and interiors, and gardening and cooking are my passions. I was editor of BBC Easy Cook magazine for seven years, and I&#

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